Reviews for "D.P.O.P. {Hyperion}"

Very good Drum n Bass

This is some very strong Drum n Bass.

My worst complaint is that some of the synths sound too clean, unFXd, unmastered, and just a tad boring.

Some of the melodies are uninspired, but that's probably because this is such a progressive-style song- but for having so many melodies, it seems short! Feel free to lay on your copy and paste keys for anything where you're writing more than like 8 measures, let us really hear your drum work.

There's a really fucked up transition before 4:20, wtf?

Your strongest aspect is your drums. Rely on those, and write as many fills as possible. Chopping is your friend.

Hyperion666 responds:

lol tooo clean wow my past works were yelled at cuz it was too distorted so ive been working on quality style well making it more clean in other words n now some 1 says its too clean hahaha im sorry its just really ironic to me. well in the comment i said it was a 10 min song i had to chop a butt load of stuff n the hardest part was still getting the picture out there . n a fucked up trans i missed i gotta check it out. n yes im a insane mofo on da drum i love to just mix away with crazy sounds just love it n thanks for a super constructive review

Me Likes ^w^

i like it, adrenaline music xD

Hyperion666 responds:

well...... i dnt know if i shld ask but ..... if u liked it wuts wit the 6? is it because it is dark n stuff 6 representing 666 like the 1s on my username????? or does it have a deeper darker meaning???? or maybe u messedup????? i dnt know. but its cool thnx a lot for the review tho its really much appreciated i love reviews wether its good or bad