Reviews for "D.P.O.P. {Hyperion}"

Sick DnB is Sick

One day I hope to be cranking out tracks as nice as this one. Top notch work of art. I really enjoyed it. The sounds all feel like they compliment each other very nicely. You rock sir.

Salute ^_^

Hyperion666 responds:

nice it is always a great pleasure to have interested fans even rivals who enjoy my music thank you soo very much you are the man

Rank 74

Last time I checked you were zero bombed and now your on the top. I am gonna start making DnB tracks now. Unfortunately my last account got randomly banned.


Hyperion666 responds:

hahaha sweet i didnt know i was on top. thanks a lot and yes i always get 0 bombed it never seizes to amaze me really but in the end fans such as your self always help me pull through and never loose hope thank you all soo much.

Very good Drum n Bass

This is some very strong Drum n Bass.

My worst complaint is that some of the synths sound too clean, unFXd, unmastered, and just a tad boring.

Some of the melodies are uninspired, but that's probably because this is such a progressive-style song- but for having so many melodies, it seems short! Feel free to lay on your copy and paste keys for anything where you're writing more than like 8 measures, let us really hear your drum work.

There's a really fucked up transition before 4:20, wtf?

Your strongest aspect is your drums. Rely on those, and write as many fills as possible. Chopping is your friend.

Hyperion666 responds:

lol tooo clean wow my past works were yelled at cuz it was too distorted so ive been working on quality style well making it more clean in other words n now some 1 says its too clean hahaha im sorry its just really ironic to me. well in the comment i said it was a 10 min song i had to chop a butt load of stuff n the hardest part was still getting the picture out there . n a fucked up trans i missed i gotta check it out. n yes im a insane mofo on da drum i love to just mix away with crazy sounds just love it n thanks for a super constructive review

I love it

We need more dark dnb tunes in newgrounds. I dont know what all the hate is about.

Hyperion666 responds:

hahaha thanks n ur definately right well most of my work is dark really but again ur right there is waaay tooo much hate in ng i think people r just bored really, boredome leads to stupidity, stupidity leads to bad actions n the bad actions creats anger n anger leads to hate but after hate is the worst..... it is pain n suffering 0.o.......... o.0 but thats just my theory hahaha thnx for the review


This is just awesome!! I love dark DnB, and this is fantastic!! Keep it up :D U rule!

Hyperion666 responds:

sweet u checked it out thnx a lot this is my personal fave so far so i dedicated a lot of time on it tho some parts pissed me off i love it