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Reviews for "Abyssal Madness"


I think...i've gone mad. ABYSSALY MAD. i love it

Wait a sec....

i have listened to at least half your stuff and i am starting to notice similar parts in them all. The primary one is that echoey thing at 27 sec. and 1 min. 51 seconds. The good thing about all your stuff is with that it can all be played end to end to make a kick ass playlist.

The song is a bit more toned down than some of your other stuff but i still like it!

your not being fair

going through your stuff now, I want to rate it against your other stuff and not other ng users. its not fair to most of them. yours is superior (as is a select few) and should realy be put into another class. out of all the others I've downloaded more from you than anyone else as of yet, and your now the first one in my favs.

wotta mix

this has a bit of everythin it...im sure i heard summat similar 2 daft punk...

:) great!

0:29 haha... wasn't expecting that!

first half minute didn't catch me, but hey, the rest is AWESOME