Reviews for "AngryTubby : Advertisment"


must... buy... sweatshirt... before i get an axe in the back of my head!!! how long do i have man, HOW LONG DO I HAVE!!!!?!?!?!?

pretty funny, product placement thats the key

Hey dont listen to the bad reviews just listen to this only good one that you get because i find retarded stuff funny, and the axe in the head, classic! my flash is probably going to get blammed but i dont care because i do claymation.

good flash

it was quite funny reminds me of weebl and bob lol


This made me chuckle abit, the "CHARACTER" was really funny and the animation really flowed well, i was supred by the ending as it was not expecetd which shows me you did you part on making it with good presentaion, anyways nice job, keep up the great work...

I would like to see more story like stuff with the same character...

Funny animation cute and with good suprise, nice job...


Ha Ha

lol Wow I was waiting to see where that was leading lol. Great idea for an advertisement. Very random but I like random well done