Reviews for "AngryTubby : Advertisment"

Keep your advertisements to yourself.

We don't want them here.


foolish moron PLUG YOUR CRAP IN COMMERCIALS not flash bitch.

Angry-Tubby responds:

do you think i have money for all of that? no. and flash seems to be a high selling point for most things anyhow.


ads sux

Angry-Tubby responds:

so why watch a flash movie with the words ''ADVERTISMENT'' in it? you complete tard.


must... buy... sweatshirt... before i get an axe in the back of my head!!! how long do i have man, HOW LONG DO I HAVE!!!!?!?!?!?

Yes you are shameless

But that was not shameful. Very Weebl and Bob. I like it. I might actually buy something, so good job.