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Reviews for "Megaman Battle Network Compil."

wow... this is amazing.

I know this because Ive played and beat all the battle network games in NA besides the crappy gamecube one and i say Bravo. You really made a great master piece, keep doing what your doing.


I think ive died and went to retro heavan!


Man....its the best song I ever heard before.....I listened it on loop on my Ipod all the week!!!!

Very good job :)


Old memories

Great song i still have Battle Network 1 and have never completed it.
I got stuck at some part and after hearing this i wanted to play it all the way through.
Now where did i put that thing?

Oh lord. Need more.

Next time, do one that spans the entire series, including the mobile games(RPM probably has their soundtracks, or at the very least what's important).