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Reviews for "Megaman Battle Network Compil."

Awesome Remix!

This is one of my favorite series so I really enjoyed the music.

you've done a great job man.

I discovered your music in the "Wrath of Anubis" game, I am VERY impressed with it! It's on my iPod as we speak. lol... anyway, this song is amazing. I've never played battle network, but I'm a HUGE megaman fan. This is an awesome comp. Keep making music man, you're really good at it.


You don't know how much this brought back. It sucks the series is pretty much over since the mmbn1 remake isn't even coming overseas, and it did poorly saleswise, but we always have this and the memories!

Brings back memories!

I love it!!! this brings back the memories of playing MMBN on my gameboy advance... ahhh the good old days...


Finally...someone got it right

I am a die hard fan of the MMBN series. I've played em all, beaten em all, and then played em again. When I found your work I was very impressed but waiting for you to remix the main theme. There are quite a few other remixes of the main theme but none of them seemed to get it right. You, however, have done a great job at it! Do you think you can remix the BN6 main theme?