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Reviews for "Megaman Battle Network Compil."

beyond good

I have been looking for a good MMBN remix for a long time, I just found it!

love it

i used to play these games all the time.....but you know what no body has done?? a seirious sam game music thingy

omg, megaman fever has set in

this is an awesome song, it brings back sooo many memories, i loved the battle network series, it would be awesome if one day they remade them, oh and AAPNL the "familiar" song would be MMBN3 Hospital Comp, where u fight Plantman

awesome mix, want to play mmbn again=D

why didn't i find this earlier?:O
MMBN 1 main thme
MMBN 1 school theme
MMBN 3 wily base theme( last network level)
MMBN 2 virus battle theme
MMBN 3 tournament battle theme
next sounds familiar....
sad thme/ farewell theme

correct right?
anyway ty for the 6 minutes of awesomeness


It may of taken me several years to beat the first game (I sucked, no arguement there) but finally beating it was very worth it. I love this game and I love this series, even though my friend trash talks (because he's a fan of the original series and has beaten all of them, except 7 and 8) This series inspired me, and it gives me a great feeling to see that someone would dedicate the time to make a compilation of this series' music. Its amazing!