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Reviews for "Megaman Battle Network Compil."


Hell yeah! this is the best thing iv ever heard!!!!!

oh wow!

I could see this as the opening theme if CAPCOM made a Megaman Battle Network Collections game. That would be awsome!

Best of Newgrounds

Dude of all the musicians on New grounds, you are one of the greatest! This music is passionate straight from the soul! Thats what makes it great, you love what you do, and you work at it till its awesome. These songs are very nostalgic to me, because as a kid I loved Megaman Battle Network, I beat 1-6. Keep up the good work man, keep em' commin'! "Megaman, jack in, EXECUTE!!"

Holy fudge!

Wow, just wow, nostalgia has just hit my ears and now they have gone to heaven, dude this is freaking epic! You have brought more than enough justice to this series with this song and your other songs, congrats man, you've done well =)

Good song

Reminds me when i played the megaman battle network series alot. im a huge megaman fan