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Reviews for "Megaman Battle Network Compil."


Awesome song, I remembered each song throughout the game series as I listened. You stayed true to their original beats, just changed up the tone and speed a bit, and transitioned between the songs seamlessly. Awesome song, might send you an email asking for the full quality version.


It's about time someone showed the battle network music some love.


I have always been a megaman fan since I got megaman battle network 3 blue.
One of the best compilations I have heard for megaman.

EliteFerrex responds:

Right on, man. Battle Network 3 Blue was my favorite, too.


You sure did a great job putting those song together!
Man this brings up some memories... I should never lended that game to a kid who deleted all my progress.. many hours lost in a single day..

EliteFerrex responds:

Yeah; I hate when I would start a new game on Battle Network 3 just for fun and then accidentally save over my main file. -__- I recently restarted (on purpose) and am almost done with it again! =D


can you make mega man battle network 6 cybeast gregar theme pleese?