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Reviews for "Megaman Battle Network Compil."


I haven't personally played the megaman games but oh my god this is awesome.

Best Megaman Remix I've heard

Just a few weeks ago I was searching Newgrounds for the main theme of MMBN, couldn't find a really good version. There was an okay one, but nothing that really stood out. As soon I heard the intro to this, I knew I had found that version. To my surprise, I saw the song was six minutes long,a nd I had even more great music on the way. This definitely made me want to pick up my DS and play some MMBN, such awesome games.

As for the music, very upbeat, very organized, I love it. The synth used is excellent sounding. The song as a whole feels very powerful, it doesn't stagger at all, it just keeps pumping. You also have a lot of background stuff going on, I can hear it a bit with speakers, I'm sure it's more apparent with headphones, either way, it adds.

Overall, excellent piece of music. I really love how nostalgic this piece is, those games relaly did have great music. You've definitely done the MMBN series justice, by far the best remix on Newgrounds, and the net from what I've found.

EliteFerrex responds:

Wow, thanks a bunch! I'm really glad to know how much you like it; it definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^^

It's people like you that I make my music for, as well as myself. My target audience has always been people who are the hardcore VG music fans of the net, and I'm jazzed to know I gave you something you really enjoy. Thanks again for your support, and hopefully I'll see you around in the future!

This is why I love your work.

Not only do you remix such nostalgic pieces, but you remix them so differently from the original and make it sound so good! Actually reminds me of the sounds of used in the battle theme from Saga Frontier from the PS1.

Other than that, keep up your amazing work, and I hope to see more soon!
4.42 / 5.00 (+ 0.014)

....sniff, too good

You, sir, make me want to be a net navi and surf the web. This is an awsome song that you have made for your awsome collection.

Its about time.

Its about time somone remixed the EXE series music. You've done very well.