Reviews for "Shoot 'em up"

Nice Job

Was fun and addicting keep doing what your doing and you will become one of the greats of flash movie makeing

Dragonman11 responds:

Wow, i dont think its gonna happen, but hey, it might if i work harder. Thanks for the positive review.


This was a fun shooter, i did notice it gets abit laggy at times, maybe because alot of MC's moving all around but anyways it was a fun game, and the graphics was notbad either a fun game...

Make it less laggy, and more different types of enemies...

Fun basic shooter tends to get abit laggy though...


Dragonman11 responds:

Yeah i know the lag is a big problem, it seemed to be because of the sound FX overlapping the music and other problems that i know. I know what causes them i jsut dont know how to fix em. Anyway, i doubt i'll be making another shooter for a while so yeah....

THanks for the review!

Not the best game ove seen

but i didnt expect it either. Acually a pretty fun game. bu not that kine game you play for too long...............

BTW if i was making a shoot 'em up it would end up as a per son drawn in paint who could not do a thing. So i have nothing i should have said.

7/10 Good but not the best.

a worthy effort

It's great except for the fact that every enemy is easy to defeat and the fact that you cannot die no matter what.

Dragonman11 responds:

I was just looking at some tutorials just now and i found a script to make a "lose" or "game over" screen. THanks.

Hmm...maybe I just suck...

I died, quickly and mercilessly. I could just suck, but it could also be due to the fact that several enemies would begin shooting simultaneously in different portions of the screen immediately upon entering, making it impossible for me to kill them before loosing health.

Dragonman11 responds:

Yeah its kinda shoddy, i can see ways to make it better, but jsut couldnt be bothered to make changes. To tell you the truth, its pretty hard to finish with positive health, although the scores i got there are actual ones i've got before.

THanks for the review!