Reviews for "Shoot 'em up"


Thanks for using my music first of all!!

Also, awesome flash!! It kinda reminded me of Time Crisis, when the background slowly scrolled across.

Excellent playability, too! Nice and fluent, also challenging!

The sounds went well with my music, and the loudness was immense!!

Awesome game.

Dragonman11 responds:

Hey thanks man. I Glad you liked the game because you liked it, not just because of your music. THanks for the good review and the good music.

It may be a shooter, but it's great.

This, aside from Xaio Xaio, is probably the only NG shooter that I enjoyed playing.

I hope it enjoys its place in my favourite list.

Dragonman11 responds:

Thanks for throwing it on your favourites list. THeres a really good shooter if you look in "Games>Shooting games". Kinda beats mine by a looong way.
Thanks for the review, glad you liked it.


I had 200 points, went to the bonus, went down to -40. Don't do the bonus level. WAY to many people! I'll give you, -40 (5) and -1287 (Thats the lowest score you can possibly get: I checked) (10). Keep up the crappy (awsome) work!

To the last reveiwer...

To the last person that reviewed, you probably dont have the right version of flash, it worked fine for me, and besides the mujsic was great. It was a good game, just needed a bit of touching up on the graphics

Dragonman11 responds:

True true (about the graphics).
THanks for the review.


This was a fun shooter, i did notice it gets abit laggy at times, maybe because alot of MC's moving all around but anyways it was a fun game, and the graphics was notbad either a fun game...

Make it less laggy, and more different types of enemies...

Fun basic shooter tends to get abit laggy though...


Dragonman11 responds:

Yeah i know the lag is a big problem, it seemed to be because of the sound FX overlapping the music and other problems that i know. I know what causes them i jsut dont know how to fix em. Anyway, i doubt i'll be making another shooter for a while so yeah....

THanks for the review!