Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"

to aftershock

u dumbass u have to move left and when u get to the wall its a door actually so there u go

Fun and exciting.

I adore stickmen, and with video games I always prefer fun and adventure over challenges, strategy, puzzles, brain-teasers, and the like. But this game has just the right combination of both so it’s an exhilarating quest but it’s also not so easy that it’s boring. Once you get the hang of it the controls aren’t hard to use either. Everybody can enjoy this game if they give it a try.

(I really hate those green mazes, but I managed.)

Awsome game man

i'm stuck on the 1st basement where you have to grab onto the ledge to get to the upper level.....how the heck do you get up there


damn, this is so awesome game except that level 4 was hard.


Beter than ever

I like how you not only increase the quality of the gameplay, but also how it gets (talking from game to game) tougher.

And Castlerueler, What do you mean by "you liked the other 3"??
This IS the 3rd one