Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"


It's really good. The controls are pretty easy to learn and the storyline is funny (lol cheese?) The only bad part is that space is for jumping instead of up, it's hard to grab onto pipes sometimes, that safe with the 26 seonds time is really hard to do especially with a rolling-ball mouse, and the laserbeams are hard to go through. Despite that, and the repetitive music, IT'S GREAT!

More than just a "Cool Game"

Some people may say this is awsome, some may say it's cool. You and I both know it's more than that. I've never seen the first and second Stickman Sam, but the thrid one was just plain awsome. You have some very nice sound effects in there (Most people have gun shots that sound like a pile of poop in the oven), and I noticed the graphics took a bit more than just a quick and crappy job. You made the story line just right (Funny, that is) and I really like the style. Like I said before, this is just more than a "cool" game. This is next-gen for 2D flash.

Awesome but i like stickman sam part 2 better ;)

This was awesome but Stickman sam part 2 was kinda.. better


Man i can't believe that this game should be blammed... it must NEVER BE BLAMMED!!!!!!! P.S. if you can make a Stickman Sam- part 4

i found a glich

i got into the water on the far left side on the toal climbing