Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"

I really liked stickman sam series. But this game had a problem i'm stuck at stage 3 when stickman sam entered in a building. I don't know what to do when i click on start and i try to click on finish and says failure. What i need to do? Anyways good game!

i'm glad the game gives you infinite ammo. but what about melee weapons? P.S i love this game. please make MORE stickman sam games!!

Litlle glithes but good

glich or easter egg? I fell down the water many times in the testing and it gliched out, I was jumping realy high and there was nothing, I got a tommy gun?? but I cannot see my player. it has inf ammo...

3 stars cause im comfused

good game

io3creations responds:

Thanks :)