Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"

nice job

great job on the game i loved it, but sometimes it was really frustrating to go all the way back to the beginning of a level if you die once for instance i was about to go in the warehouse but i fell all the way down that huge ladder and died, my suggestion would be to place checkpoints at key areas like after you get a key card or something

couldn't play the game.

it seemed great until i had to go in a door or pick a lock. for some reason i couldn't do that. not sure why...what's going on with that? let us know, i want to play again.

io3creations responds:

Not exactly sure. I know that if the keys are changed (especially to the Arrow Keys) then you cannot open doors. I'm not sure why that is so I can only suggest to try different key combinations.

that was all good except....

....I can't go through doors!!! why not?!?!?!

highly impressive

i think the thing that impressed me the most was that you can change the keys to suit your gameplay style.. very nice!

Really good game!

I enjoyed this game as much as i did the other two, if not more. I kinda miss fighting bosses a la part 2, though. I blew through the whole game with nothing but the pistol. To me, the other guns were there for no real reason. Great fun, though! Next time put bosses so the other guns can be put to better use than shooting fodder.

Oh, and to those of you who can't finish the game: Once you find the cheese and everything, just go back the way you entered in the beginning, it shouldn't be a dead end anymore. *hint: rocks are destroyable*