Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"

I thought this could have been better. I just it was just because the other games were more about learning. That's weird, I'm normally not into tutorials. I think it's just that this game was a bit harder to play. I couldn't understand why the space button made me jump instead of the W key. It still is a decent entry in the series.

The music gets a bit too montonous. I'm stuck somewhere and I know I can get out of it. Well, duh, how else could I get through the game? He still moved pretty fluidly. It's interesting to see this game progress.

not bad not bad but need more work to graphic OK

I liked this game it was awesome because you finally get to fight stick mans with guns, And yeah its cool and I like it.

Not bad.

Needs more work tho.

NOTE: When I messed up and fell in the water, Sam didn't die he just bounced around the screen like crazy...

''Not Bad''

There are no brakes on the rape train.... :D