Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"

Overall Good work

Good effort in all areas, espically the puzzle part of it, i had alot of trouble finding the cheese, he should of just brought some!, the combat system was really good, espically the mini-gun, that rocked!,

Overall- A great puzzle and shooter game

((( NICE GAME )))

Aww once again you make another great game, not so sure if i like the whole stick style but you had a nice game with good challenge and neat effects, very well done, keep up the good work...

Not much it was perfect...

Fun game lots to do and see very fun indeed...



nice game ^_^ needs lil more work in enemys tho there arent enough


Nice game, played it alot. Wasn't long though. It kinda matters but its still a really good game. Beat it alot because it was so good.

glitch!!!!!!!!!!! no biggie

the game is awsome but during the climbing tutorial i glitch sam fell and i was in a blank place and sam kept falling and falling LOL!!!