Reviews for "StickMan Sam - Part 3"

Better than 4th

this game is a lot funner than the 4th. if your ever making a 5th, add an optio n to pick up dead enemy's weapons.

very good

it was a very good game but the puzzels are bothersome if it wasnt a computer i would swear it hates me but the rest was fun


its ok.......not enough fightnin tho.o and uh heres the last password:

that should help people.

GLITCH DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(but its helpful)

I found a glitch about the Lake Part of the game, when u get to a butt load of the bars u climb, if u climb just b4 you get to the next level,the watte will dissapear and u can drop down, after waiting a while, u can climb back up and the water wont hurt u =D


Graphics: 5 - Stick figures and little stick guns. Pretty plain
Style: 10 - Love the concept. Break into enemy territory and get some...cheese...
Sound: 3 - Same lame BGM over and over again..Gun shooting sounds were OK i guess
Violence: 10 - Blood...gun firing. Automatic 10 i think
Interactivity: 10 - Control Sam around the base shoot things.
Humor: 10 - Mission is to get your lazy commander some Cheese lawl
Overall 10

Side notes: Great game i loved it graphics wernt very good and the sound was dull. Fun shooting game though. I found a minor glitch though. Whille hanging on a pipe hold W and Space bar at the same time and you can shoot whille hanging. Not a big deal though. Great game! Keep them coming!