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Reviews for "Slit Your Wrists!"


damn dude, thatt game was awesome as shitt!!! Phuck emo kidds, most of themm do itt just because others do... "oooooooooooooh my godd, jimmy wouldn't lett me borrow his pencil 2dayy inn math. i think i'll go kill myself cuz my life suxxx so baaaaaaaaad! booooooo hoooooooooooooo ooooooooooh y meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!" PHUCK emo kidds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tonaros responds:

Lay off the Ritalin... but thanks for the review!



bah this was funny

wanna know why people bash this? Not because is sucks because it doesnt, because they care about others? nope not a chance. It's because they are the pussy bitches who cut themselves and say"life is pain" or "drown in the dark dismal tunnel of my life" those pussies who think they have it so bad so they cut themselves for attention, to anyone who cuts themselves that reads this you make me sick, all the little 14 year old girls who think it's cool and shit, grow up, your life isnt that bad, chances are if your life is as bad as you say you'd have a therapist now wouldnt you and you'd be on massive medication, no your not depressed, its just a trend your just trying to fit in by mutilating yourself what a insecure dumbass who can be who THEY are. Rather they have to try express how much worse their life is than others when in fact their life isnt anywhere near as bad as they say...

anywho good game very humorous

I feel EMO now.

While, clearly, slitting your wrists is not a good thing in RL, it's quite fun in this quick game. Good graphics. One particularly good thing is how the wrists appear bloodier after you've increased the "self mutilation" bar. Not too shabby.


hehehe goths and emo's

hehe i give this a 10 cause all the goths and emos got pissed also its a good game that gets hard at the end and the ending phrase is priceless
you deserve another 10 just for trying the subject and another 5 for lasting this long with blam physocs about