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Reviews for "Slit Your Wrists!"


an interactive game that u can play at home ;)


great game :)

-loved the text that said slit your wrists in the beginning

-it did what most games wish they could do:
piss people off
insult mentally inept people
have a bunch of people call the author "sick fuck"



I guess it was ok. I mean it could of used some sounds or music..I liked how it sped up though.

To all those people bashing this:
Dear people bashing this,
This game is not stereotyping at all. You can't assume anything at all besides the fact that you're someone trying to slit your wrists. You have no idea why you're cutting yourself, just that you are. If anyone is stereotyping it is you for assuming that this game automatically points to "Emos." It's just pure logic. Just because Emos→ Cutting yourself doesn't mean Cutting yourself →Emos. People just need to think more logically and stop being biased before they say something.

PUSSY, u failed at failure....

LOL that was fun.....all my emo friends will love this LOL
keep up the good wark(it was challenging 2 win), but next time make sounds for it...

i loved the message when u win...SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

hmm not a good gameplay but....

but i must say nice humor and pussy when u lose lol but thats like somtin id do to becum cool :D ill giv it a 3 PEACE