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Reviews for "Slit Your Wrists!"


yeah by looking comments "leave us alone im emo" stuff its full of those.. if u take these offencive dont look them.. dont come here to look em and rate 0 for becose of "they r making fun of us" we make fun of everybody.. i mean EVERYBODY and we r not racist eather we make fun out of black guys.. but u emos who cry to comment zone R racist "WE r emos NO1 CANT SAY WE R FUNNY" if som1 makes fun out of.. hmm like from me.. i just laught cos.. the thing WE mostly hear from emos is that u r crying and cutting ur wrists.. even nerds wont get that pissed off becose they r insuilted they just laught like me (not nerd but anyway).. just get trought.. we dont hate u (mostly) so dont cry if we make fun out of u.. (not black guys eathr cry in comments).. black guys and nerds AND emos and every other "clan" rocks.. cos they r dffrent but emos beside u r diffrent u think every1 hates u.. and thats why they really do hate u.. sry for typos.. but anycase about the game.. its badly maked.. and hard.. didnt won tryed 4 times.. but mayby the point is to make it impossiple.. i rest my case.. epic.. long message in "review zone".. and remember WE DO FUN OUT OF EVERY1 EVEN FROM U WHO LIVES IN CAVE AND SOMEHOW GOT NET WORKING

too much band aids and stuff too hard

sorry bot it would be alot batter if u did it wiould probably dramaticly improve ur score!
plase dont play this if ur faint harted or hate gore!

i voted 0...

...because i wanna do this.


Stupid game. Not very funny. Mabey a little too hard?
Of course, there have been much worse emo self-pain games. Also, leave emo's alone. What did emos ever do to you? Emo's don't usually cut. Only really serious lonley emos do that kind of stuff!

I a nutshell:
leave emo's alone, not too bad a game.

Like, what the hell?

Good god guys, STOP MAKING FUN OF EMOS!!!

It is not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time don't make fun of emos!