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Reviews for "Slit Your Wrists!"

Sufficient blood loss! Congratulations, I committed suicide, no one will remember me! Huzzah!

Just the right level of difficulty, so it takes a couple tries to win. Or lose. Depending on how you count it. Of course the real way to do it is to lie down in a bathtub with a canister of argon gas lying on your chest and to turn on the flow valve.

I wonder if this game has a message. Perhaps that there is no victory. I was thinking of a similar possible game. The game is, it's a simulation game where you eat the right things and do the right things and your character lives to 100. And the PRIZE for WINNING? You get to be infirm, powerless, hideous, sickly and unhappy for possibly at most a few more years. Hurray!

Good Game

im a cutter and my family hid all the sharp objects so this game helps sort of and evryone else who is offended by this DONT LOOK FOR A CUT YOUR GAME!
i give a 10 for helping

This game is too hard

This could have been a good game if its difficulty wasn't too high. It's really hard for me to reach the maximum level of self-mutilation in this game. Especially when there's a time limit...


this isnt funny... offensive indeed - idk how can this be submitted


you made the radius to big i always acidently hit tissue paper or band aids even when they are off screen