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Reviews for "Slit Your Wrists!"

Not funny

No storyline, no music, bad animation and you have been a complete asshole to all those people out there who obviously need help.
Do you know how hard it is to watch someone who feels so bad about themselves that they are led to selfharm? This game is completely irresponsible, and should be removed.
Also, the game itself wasn't good in any way. Take it off, find a different subject to base your games on, give that game a storyline, music and better graphics, and maybe one of your games would be acceptable.
And before you ask, no, I'm not an emo. Nor have I ever self harmed.
You get 1/10 - only for managing to get such a disgraceful game onto the frontpage of Newgrounds.

This was crap

I'm sorry but this was wrong and not funny at all. This is not a subject to be taken likely.


never tought self mutilation could be so hard to make


it was ok u sure showed thos weirdo emos lol keep it up

this sortof sucked

This was boring as hell. Also Emo's arent bad its Wemo (wanna be emo's) that are they think They are so cool and stuff but Emo Isnt about slitting or even the look its about emotions