Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"


It was orignal, but you didn't expand at all. Sorry


it was nice at first but indeed the game play was really boring just press 3 buttons at the right time and 1,2,3 the animations didnt really impress me ex: psylocke looked old , plus the sound and music was harsh as well the same thing playing ahhg and the voices "ow" "YAH" .

It's okay

it wasn't a bad attempt, it was a good idea and the chracters were done pretty well but the game is preety boring and doesn't offer much.


Interesting use of reaction time but can be quite frustrating. A little more development and I'm sure it could be a very decent game.


could've been better... or faster at least...

slow, bad graphics and an edgy system. you should make them attack after three clicks or something other than 'type the first three letters'

also, make an enemy that DOESNT heal once in a while.

I got bored fighteing omega red. surpised i made it that far...