Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"


not bad, i find a fighting game with the
x-men crew and friends amusing with
nostalgia. not only that, but the idea
sounds appealing as a flash creation.
as much as i tried to enjoy it, the game
is rather simplistic in design and not so
much fighting, rather then just trial and
error. graphics werent too shabby, but
the audio was awful unfortuneatly.
score: **


this sucked taking turns 2 hit each other is just too stupid

tweak it

could use more tweaking.. Don't let this rot. The idea in this game was pretty good-- try to experiment more :D

...nothing interasting...

reeaally...what is the point of this game???
I mean , really it is stupid.
but i give you 5/10 because i come to Magneto and I
just cant kill him.But the rest was easy.Wolverine is the strongest one!

ha what a joke lmao

wow ummm ok? magneto attacked me 4x in a row, without even giving me a chance to fight back... and why does he get all his health back soo fast? wht else would u expect from such a poor game tho lol