Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

Nice game.

It's a fun game, but it's nothing too much. Graphics could be better and gameplay too.

But for me, the greatest problem of the game is the lack of music. Try adding some next time.



It was entertaining for a few minutes, altho a pretty simple layout it was an alright game.

Not bad ....

i am a huge x-men fan so that did play apart in me enjoying this game........when i read ur bios of each person and for the most part they are great except u forgot a mutant ablilty of wolverine's....the healing but u might have done that to leave it out of the game.....the battling was good but a bit slow .. if u make a sequel re even just redo this u might want to add in playing as the bad guys or even being able to attack while the oppenet is attacking..lkike a counter effect....this wat threw me in the end with magnito.....neways thanx for the game ..it was pretty good.


Not very fun. Try to make it where you can run around the city and find enemies.

kind of boring yet interesting

different game.... nice style but very boring still.