Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

good game

game was cool man!!


good choices on da heroes and villians...i kicked ass with colosus and ps[watever] haha..well good game...

Good form.

It is an ingenious look into the marvels of marvel, and a well made flash game to boot. I enjoyed the prac ticality of the fighting style, as well as the diversity of how you placed each combo. I believe a letter bar, or at least a segmented bar may have made the gameplay more fun, but all in all, you did marvelously.
I applaud your gameplay, and I hope to see more.
Viva Le Revolucion.

Excellent man...

This is game is one of the best ones I have played
Could use more Tweaking..and it's a bit hard to perform the really nice combos since you don't have the letter bar like in the practice...
All in All... this game RULES 10/10

tweak it

could use more tweaking.. Don't let this rot. The idea in this game was pretty good-- try to experiment more :D