Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

nice job

good effort and a good result


Your art here is really good. I was impressed.
The pencil drawings on the character select are a little bit unfishined looking. I'm not sure if they were supposed to have a sketchy, unfinished style or not, but it doesn't seem to work as much as it just appears incomplete.
Gameplay was really inventive. I really enjoyed the fighting, though the fact that it is turn based did get a bit old. I found myself wondering, while waiting, what it would be like if I were just running through a side scrolling level typing "wol" at various speeds, killing enemies and jumping over obstacles as I went. Considering the fact that the directional buttons aren't in use, it seems like a good possibility.
Music does need fixing, but you know that by now. Slow music like that, in a turnbased game like this one, just makes it agonizing. That, and the music was slightly obnoxious, anyway.
Bottom line, you made a really well scripted, clever, fun game that, with some more work (probably more than you want to put in it, since you were impressing a girl. I don't blame you!) could be a classic. Great job.

GUIJI responds:

a really constructive and honest comment.

Great idea!

I thought the idea with different input times and letters was really great. Never seen something like that before. The graphics were okay too. Nothing special but not too bad either. What really hurt, physically, was the music. Godawful MIDI sound. The attack sounds were okay though so you still got a couple points there. I'd really like to see a version with maybe more X-Men or different attack patterns, like the first 4 letters or something. Just use better music the next time, please.

not a badd x-men game

not better than the old skool arcade but good enough for me to play

Wow an X-men game??

It's a good X-men game, I like the way you can change up your attacks by pressing the buttons at different times. But the graphics can use a little work. It's still a Good game... I GIVE IT A 9!!