Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

This game sucks

The music is too repetitive. The moves are pretty much the same. There is no reality in the moves. It takes too long for my charactier to get ready for the match. Why isn't the character ready by the time he or she gets out in the ring? Juggernaut is too hard. Why don't you use music similar to that of the X-men series?

good for a first

this was a little annoying, it wasnt very interesting. but a really good idea. the x-men rock, and you just need to develope it just a little bit more.

I get it...

You know, at first i was like "whats the point of this game" but as i played i realized, its more of a "how fast you can type" and "wich charecter for wich boss" kinda game... surprisingly i ended up playing it twice in a row. I liked it. If you can fix up some minor problems such as timing, perhaps let you know what boss is next, and make it tougher by making you haveto type out the whole name or something, and maybe even more charecters... then youd have my 10.... oh yeah, how about better music?



The graphics were choppy, the moves were slow, and so were the turns. It took 5 seconds for the game to realize I picked all the characters. The music was repetitive and the grunts, when hit, didn't really sound convincing. You could of made things more smoothly, and the strengths and weaknesses needed to be exploited more..I didn't really see that much of a difference.

Nice game.

It's a fun game, but it's nothing too much. Graphics could be better and gameplay too.

But for me, the greatest problem of the game is the lack of music. Try adding some next time.