Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"


Bon travail sur ce flash. le weakness system est un peu trop evident cependant. t'aurait du laisser les gens le trouver tout seul au lieu de le dévoiller dans le ending movie. t'a un 5 de moi :)

creativity at its best

the game itself in terms of graphics and sound and all that good stuff was pretty poor. but what helped it earn a nine overall was the originality and fun i had. having wolverine put the smackdown on sabertooth was my favorite part. the gameplay was pretty easy, other than having to swap out characters for each battle there wasn't a whole lot of strategy here. oh and btw, if you are reading this before playing never pick cyclops or collosus. there isn't one fighter they'll have an advantage over. i would have given this game a ten but there weren't nearly enough levels. good show my man good show. or game.


I thought your game was very well done. I enjoyed playing it


It was orignal, but you didn't expand at all. Sorry

pretty good

I liked it it was really fun but a little too easy