Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"


I only gave you 1 because i didn't realise you couldn't unclick it.
What a terrible un-responsive game. Oh and amazing tutorial pfft

anti-sematic, pathetic

sentinel shows a swastika during an attack
overall poor gameplay
bad controls
too easy
not enough of a setup
too short
terrible graphics

ha what a joke lmao

wow ummm ok? magneto attacked me 4x in a row, without even giving me a chance to fight back... and why does he get all his health back soo fast? wht else would u expect from such a poor game tho lol

This game is racist....

my friend (jewish) was hurt by this game, do to the fact that the robot does the Nazi salute...

Bad graphics,

I only like cause it's X men not a child's typing game. It's ok Just the controls were a bit confusing.