Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

pretty good

This was really good idea. The sound though was really low and tje graphics were not as good as maybe they should have been. But the game itself was fun and really was innovative. Good job.

Less menu, more action--or go total RPG style

Nothing really carries this. The art is almost there, but it's not, and the action is so painfully slow that it shoots whatever strategic design may have been invested in this project in the foot.

And that music... Was that one of the synth patches from Digital Orchestrator Plus? Holy crap, dude! Lose the music. It is utterly maddening.


Like the last viewer i agree excep for the kid cussin u out thing its not so well but its difficult and hard to memorize the stopin points but i will give u a good score

Bung_Monkey dosen't know shit!

cte gas la ctun cave! Moi jai trouvé ton concept de jeux assez original! Les graphice on p-e besoin dun ptit peu de travail mais ctai beau quand meme!
Jvien de montréal moi avec en passant :p


its an okay game but it gets kinda repetetive at some points. Next time you could add a feature like button bashing or QTE