Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

His name...is LOGAN!!!

Wolverne's name..is not JAMES...it's LOGAN!!...How can you not know that?! You got everyone else's name right though, wiuch was cool. Overall it was pretty cool

good one

very nice game... thats all i can say about this one really... it was awesome. nice plot, good graphics and gameplay and it was a lot of fun.
good work.

it was fun to play

but please get your info right next time just glancing over the bios i found multiple mistakes ie wolverine's adamantium claws aren't mutant powers however his animal like insticts might be or they could just be finely hone his real mutant power is identical to sabertooth's regeneration. according to the storyline the only reason sabertooth doesn't have adamantium skeleton is because wolverine went beserk after his operation

Good job

I'm not really into the x-men but that was good

Great concept!

A great game built around fantastic superheroes. You get many style points for originality. Nice way to spice up the game with the timing issue too. Juggernaut and Magneto were the most difficult (as they should be). Also great way with creating strategy to match up weaknesses with X-Men that exploit those weaknesses. An all around solid game.