Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

Overall pretty good

Alright, I don't give a crap about minor errors in the Bios, and I don't like people spamming the review section just so they can act like asses about it. This is a good submission, and some people should realize it...

Alright then:

GFX/Style- Great job at all the different animations and attacks, although some were a bit slow. Good interface, neat backdrops, overall pretty neat :D

Sound- The music and the character sounds were a bit lame, although you did nail some decent hit sounds on some attacks.

Interactivity- First I found the controls shallow and pointless, but when I realized the depth you had put into it, I was impressed :D Very nice work!

Overall- 8. This deserves the frontpage ;)



Here are the results:

Well, during a FF Styled match, they would be more than shaking.
And the characters don't look that all to great.
I never saw many X-MEN Parodies or flashes.
All the characters sound the same, well not all but most!
And the getting-hit-sound was terrible. Blasphemy!
Punching and lasers.
Warning, contains violence related to carebears. ( Just had to XD)
You are able to press the keyboard. The reason why i gave you a 3 instead of 1 is coz i am nice. Unlike some drunk bastards here...
Nothing funny cept' the crappy getting-hit-sound, which doesn't add at all.

mr i dont know shit about xmen

ok listen here you stupid ass archangel was a whole seperate character and had nothin to do with wolverine wolverine was known as logan and wepon x he was in no way involved with being the horseman of death you stupid fuck

good but don't fight about names

wolverine goes by several names such as logan and james and several others he even had a seperate name when he was apocolypses horseman of death angle also has shared that title as archangle so just don't fight

Wolverines Name Is So James

Don't worry dude, unlike the last guy who rated this (who obviously knows jack about comics) I know that Wolverines real name is James Howlett. Nice work by the way.