Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"


it was nice at first but indeed the game play was really boring just press 3 buttons at the right time and 1,2,3 the animations didnt really impress me ex: psylocke looked old , plus the sound and music was harsh as well the same thing playing ahhg and the voices "ow" "YAH" .

good attempt

This game WAS interesting to say the least, and I'm impressed with the gameplay in the use of timing for better attacks, the Graphics definately need to be revamped, and a little... I dunno... Better? the music also needs to be a bit more then just a Bass Guitar, but not too bad otherwise


Well its different that much is for sure but i dont really like the style,it is sort of boring,although it is innovative and that is why you got a 6 on style,there is no blood wich i was expecting but ohwell i can let that much go,there was no music to keep you entertained during the long boring wait between attacks (it seemed long anyways) overall i didnt like it and the graphics suck,but props on the innovation :) have a good day

Great Game!!!!!!!!

i died on magneto and didnt want to continue. oh well the game told me "Im Loose" (fix your spelling)

wow! a game my parents approve of!

well done. but i was kind of put off the game when my dad pointed out it was improving my typing. i don't want to learn!