Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

nice game

it was alright though colossus was extremly slow to get ready to attack and fyi magneto's real name is eric maximov

It was okay.

The submission could've been better if you would've fine tuned it. Music was pretty repetive as many other reviewers have said the same thing. There were some bugs with the enemy's hp bar, and you should add something in how the timing interacts with the combos. I only practiced with Wolverine because the timing was just way too long. Also to the question of whether Wolverine's real name, it's James Howlett. Logan is just another name he took on when he was in diguise. Also, Wolverine did become Death and so did Archangel but at separate times. Next time, rather than flaming another person, get your facts straight.

Great game!!!

needs some debugging though...I don't like how it starts off with the quality set at low, i just played the whole game by accident with it all scrachy looking... as well I don't like how the bios make you click it and than go back to the main screen everytime.

Awsome everthting else though...but I think Psylock should have more strength against Jugegrnaught

It didn't work for me.

The click options seem to be terribly buggy. On menus, particularly the "choose your team" menus, I could click all the characters when I should only be able to click three. In the training, everything worked perfectly well, but in-game, nothing worked. Typing the letters when it said ready did nothing and hitting 1, 2, or 3 just made the character move offscreen, then come back. To my knowledge, I'm doing everything just as the directions say, but this game doesn't work.
I'd love to know what I might be doing wrong--unless it's a bug in coding.


Neat game...but..."I made this game as a special demand from my girlfriend little cousin, a X-men fan! "....yer whipped...