Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

It's okay

it wasn't a bad attempt, it was a good idea and the chracters were done pretty well but the game is preety boring and doesn't offer much.


Must have taken ages for you to script. ^__^ I see much talent from you. The game owns so goddamn much. Great job!

Really good!

This was great! Should have a higher score, but at least you got a daily placing ;)

Graphics were great, must've taken ages. Great range of moves n stuff, it was a nice touch how some characters like wolverine healed.

Could be improved. It was too hard to judge attacks. You should also have choices for your turn like block and use items. 5 characters wasn't enough, you should try and do more in the next one. You did choose 5 very good ones here but I'd also like to see Kitty and Nightcrawler.

Great work ^_^


Well, it wasnt to bad.

I gave graphics 5 because the graphics we're okay. Not the best but sitll your own work so that was good.

I gave style 5 because as I said before, it was pertty average the way you created the game and the gameplay

Sound 5 (average) because I forgot to put my speakers up. :P But im sure if there was sound it would be good.

Violence 4 because it wasnt too violent. There wasn't like all blood and gore or anything so that was good.

Interactivity 4 because I dont think you need to do much to win :l. Click 3 buttons. Amazing.

Humor obviously 0 because its not a piece of comedy flash.

And overall 5 because It was an okay game. The idea of typing the 1st 3 letters of your character's name was a good idea. Maybe like typing the last 3 letters in a special round or something to do a special or something. You didn't really need to do anything to win and it wasnt challenging, that is basically what I didn't like. You should work on this piece of flash to make it better. ;}

Happy flashin'


You need to fix yout flash.

Aw man! I loosed! Yeah, dude, there's some spelling and quality errors in the game. But the typing-trigger thing is sort of cool. And you did try to draw the X-Men, and didn't do too horribly, I spose. You kept the gayness of it all, so kudos (the granola bar, because I'm hungry) to you.