Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

Very good

Very unique, and though the music was unimpressive, this was pulled off quite well, and considering the fact that this is probably a first attempt, it's really incredible.
8 of 10

johnyrocketfingers, you can beat Juggernaut with Wolverine and Colossus (third is up to you) just type the three letters fast as hell to kill him. Magneto is one tough little mofo though.

very innovative...

very innovative game.. I COULDNT BEET JUGGERNAUT! keep on going little pioneer

Liked It

I thought the game was fun. I think you couldn't defeat Magneto with Wolverine because of his metal claws. ;)

....Can do better

grafix werent flashing, Sound Was absent..
Style was fun

But hard to play for people by tapping wol wol wol al the time.,.

Also wy is magneto the only one who cant be killed by wolferine??

GUIJI responds:

He is made of metal...magneto control metal (like in the movie I suppose) in fact he should'nt be able to move, like colossus but I wanted to be fair...

Could have had more action.

Loved the drawn characters but the pace was little too slow for me.