Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"

love the shadows

Well put together play and unique style. Also love the shadows at the character choosing screen.

I loooove this game

I played it on another site one time and now it's great to see on Newgrounds
I loved the simplicity and all the bonuses, bios, levels of difficulty and ofcourse THE DANGER ROOM
It is very well done and I would love to see a sequel
the style is awesome by the way...it is just bursting with style (first 3 letters, animation/art, etc)

Not bad for a typing game

I say ignore the naysayers that can't take something different.
I liked the game. The character select screen was indeed really nice. That's where the 10 in style comes from. If the rest of the character looked as nice, it would have been awesome.

Didn't quite get what the multiple yellow bars meant in the training room, but that's okay.

Suggestions I have would include better balance between the characters. Like Colossus, he has a HUGE lag between turns, you'd think he would do some monster damage then, but not really, in fact he does medium damage.

Storm is a monster in this game, once you get the timing down, it's over. Which is fine. But it seems the damage doesn't translate so well. I mean Her strongest lightening attack registers consistently at about 130 damage, while her tornado attack where she flie into the oppoenent register about 100-105. But the lightening strike seems to do at least twice the health damage.

But overall, very nice.

confusing, but cool i geuss.

i don't realy like it but thats probaly only 'cuz, well, i don't know what im doing.......it makes just no sense ya no.......well il still give it a 10(i always do unless it sucks hard). good grafix and shit thou, kudos.(wtf is kudos?)

Cool New Idea

I like how you type the first 3 letters of the name in for differnt combos! Thats a cool idea. It makes a boring take turns game into something that you can sorta mess around with. The graphics could be better, but I have seen much worse on newgrounds. Nothing too speical but still a fun game.