Reviews for "X-MEN:Trio Squad"


Not very fun. Try to make it where you can run around the city and find enemies.


Okay, so don't get me wrong. It's an okay game. Great concept, great artwork, etc.
Only thing is, it's waaayyy too slow. I got bored a couple minutes into the first fight. There's way too much waiting in a game that's supposed to be about fighting.

I think

I think it was a fun game and good graphics...you have chosen my favourites in X-Men so i was satisfied with that...cool fighting system...a little few enemies tho...
Keep working=) ( positiv ment..dont negativXD)


Wack as shit....you could've done way better than this man.

You're a looser

I loose!

Nah, actually I feel a bit tense. *cough* learn to spell.