Reviews for "game nonsense"


Omfg, that was hilarious. That is really how the game is which makes it even funnier. He is about to goto Eggman's base to fight Eggman(and then Emerl) and he has to fight everyone before he goes.(either him or Emerl, i forgot cuz i did not play it in a while.) I am glad you submitted it cuz it was hilarious just like your other 66 flashes.

Lalalalala, oh a punchbag!!

Too funny to be true. Your series are the most funniest of all. I loved the Sonic Battle thingie and the two games, especially the game b (got a highscore on it).

Waiting for more videos,


RogerregoRRoger responds:

righto, glad you enjoyed them.


ROTFLMAO dis wuz t most bestest! I love it! Seems like you really hate Christopher... But who doesn't??? Hell yea! It is good so far, but the part when Sonic punched guys... exactly Amy... :( But I know it's just a joke :) I wont take it seriously (WTF??).

If Iwere Emerl I would do the same

This submission reflected a thing in the Sonic Battle game and the Sonic X serie, Emerl was the one that everyone used to train, and Chris deserved to be a punchbag in the Sonic X, and the Eggman transformation and the Chaos joke was kinda funny too but you could also putted a Gamma joke in too.
Anyway keep it up.

Great game and flash!

First up your version of Duck Hunt. Brillantly funny and much better than the orginally. But my favourtie out the two was Sonic Battle in 2 minutes, great graphics and really funny and plus you atually did it in 2 minutes!! I timed it.