Reviews for "Balthor's Tales From Hell"

What goes through your head

HAHA, TOP JOB! I like it when people can make fun out of things that aren't ment to be made fun off, this was a really good flash, twas great!..


YOU JUST ROCK DOOD!!! This is one of the best things ive seen on NG... other than your other works of course


i would die if i heard that annoying voive 48 hours straight
good grafhics and music and graet style make more things like this


I love this, i've seen it so many times! I love the little demon guy, he's hilarious. i think my favorite part would have to be the ass room.

I Love HEll

What ya talkin bout willis................ what are you talkin about willis......... Willis what are you talkin about. God i love that movie.