Reviews for "Pong Mania"

not bad

If this was a first try goodjob, had tons of "ponging" action to get into, however it does get boring fast, goodwork

mm Pong

Not the first and most defintely not the last flash pong game I'll ever play.
Everything was all well and good no glitches that I found as of yet.
Very nicely done.

Thing about pong tho.. Well, in regular pong you can't really beat the computer at all cause it will always know when and where the ball is gonna make the bounce off. That's another issue though,
And in my personal opinion you made the paddle bar a bit too long
but that's just me..maybe an option that offers an extra challenge to make the paddle bar a bit smaller.. Add a little more challenge ya know? :)
But other than that I enjoyed fooling around with it and hope You can contemplate some more entertaining time wasters for us in the future. :D


17'5 900|) |3(_)7 7|-|3|23 4|23 //\//\4|\|Y 7|-|1|\|95 Y0(_) (0(_)|_|) //\//\4|<3 |33773|2, 45 1|\| //\//\4|<1|\|9 7|-|3 |34|_|_ 90 |=4573|2. 07|-|3|2 7|-|4|\| 7|-|47 17 \\/\\/45 |234|_|_Y 900|), 35|O3(14|_|_Y 7|-|3 |O|_4Y-\\/\\/17|-|-Y0(_)|253|_|= \/3|2510|\|5

Pong is definately a classic.

I actually bought an atari vcs so i could play the original pong and it really is great. Especially now that i can find all the different variations of the great game all in one place and that it's online.

Make more,


Pretty good...

Highscore of 2335 in pressure pong or whatever it's called...idk if that's good but...yea...