Reviews for "Pong Mania"


That's a good game you got there, really fun, you know. My only advice is that you make the cursor visible, because I couldn't see where mine was and it kept going off the window right when a ball was coming.


it's a version of pong. duh. actually several versions, including a few interesting new ones. but, i have this point of... well... complaint to be honest. in the real pong games, when you hit the ball with the left side (or bottom) of your paddle the movement of the ball corresponds with that. so when you hit left, the ball goes left, and vice versa. in your game when you hit the ball it just continues its way, as if it bounced into a wall. this means that there is no way you can control the movement of this little ball, which is a shame, 'cause... well... you have to be in control, it's a game! it actually never ends if you're not controlling the movement!
i mean... ah well... i have no idea how to explain clearly.
but, okay, the games are nice. just that little thingy...

Xbox what?

Thats a good game man. Oh and weltraumaffe, I got 675 =). But if that was the original Pong, the Atari would still be popular. Great game.


thats a very good game... i got 655 on extreme pressure pong :D


Got 550 on extream pressure Pong good job. lots of variety