Reviews for "Pong Mania"


This is a pretty good game, it entertained me for a little bit. About the only thing you need to work on the acceleration, the game starts and stays slow for a while. Other than that nice job


had no idea there was so many type of pong game,i thought there was just the old classic pong game,but i see i was wrong,well done

good one

very nice pong games. all of them were pretty easy, but a lot of fun. combining all those versions and types of pong into one big game was a pretty good idea.
i liked these ones. good work.


Yep I enjoyed myselve :)
Some things I want to say though :)
1) The computer player was too slow, he always lost just when the game was getting exciting :( I wanted the ball to go faster and faster, but then he kept letting it past! So, I was very glad to have found the one player modes in this game!!!
I must say 4 way pong was very cool! and also 3D pong was very nicely done! (I don`t know if this is a new version of pong, or if it already excisted in the older games, no matter) Extreme Pressure was also a lot of fun, BUT!!! ...

This game is easy to play as long as the mouse is inside the screen... The mouse is not visionable, so when it goes outside the screen, you can`t move the bars!!! This is quite ennoying and also a lot of times the reason I lost! :) I can`t stand losing lol:P

I don`t know what you can do about this, but isn`t there such thing like a mouse area or something?

Also the sound wasn`t very exciting :) But you know that by now :)



Very nice game, excellent variety, truely pong at it's finest!
Only a few improvements should be made :
1. When you get bored of a game, you have to wait until the round is over before you can quit, or struggle to find the mouse to click the main menu button. Either to get to main menu could be or a button on the keyboard, or you could toggle hiding the mouse also using a button on the keyboard.
2. Optional music would have added to the fun.