Reviews for "Pong Mania"


I got 1705 for xtreme pressure pong. Good work.


I got 600 for the extreme pressure pong. I'm wondering about the scores of others on this submission.

This fulfils any nostalgic needs.

Very innovative!

I didn't listen to the sound, if there was any, so hence that score; but aside from that, I enjoyed that to the utmost extent. I would have never thought of such a "mind-fuck" as the four-way type ones, as it didn't really make sense in my head (though I figured out how to work it after a while)... My favorite was the pressure, because I maxed it out. XD Very cool, very fun- great job. You've got my five. ^^


This is a really good game....lots of variations...GREAT JOB!!! =D

Pretty good...

Highscore of 2335 in pressure pong or whatever it's called...idk if that's good but...yea...