Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"

This is your best one yet!!!

Loved his representation of Thanksgiving!!
(I never understood how important football was to the tradition)

Yet another great addition to the series!

I have to admit that I'm really liking the fact that I can expect to see a new CU episode about once a month with your shorter length submissions, though I would like to see you guys return to the longer flashes like you had in the DVD.

As for this submission though, awesome work yet again. Great animation, the dialogue was very humorous, and the sound quality was top notched. I'll be looking forward to your next episode, which I'm assuming will be a New Year's flash on account of the fact that you've already had a multi-part Christmas special.



nice one its very good flash

great story

Flash! Savour of the 'grounds portal!

I didn't particular like this, but it makes a change from the hogshit that I've seen, today. Nice one.