Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"

XD Look at that stache

Really funny stuff. I'm sure the pilgrims would be proud....and nauseous. Oh well. 4/5.


THAT WAS FUCKING ACE!!!!!!! brilliant its soo on my favorites!!!!FUCKING YES!!!


awesome as always guys. oh and i live in las vegas and saw commercials for some thing that was going on around halloween, i never got a chance to look into it, but the commercial was done by you guys. what was all that about???

Parks2 responds:

Yeah that was for Anime Vegas. It's a convention all about Anime stuff. I animated the promos for them, and got have the CU guys star in it...

Nice work.

I love these CU shorts, but I just hope you guys haven't stopped making the full episodes. I love them so much.

Great job, and please make an 11th episode of College University soon!

Parks2 responds:

We're absolutely working on the long episodes- Episode 11 is well underway!


i wish i could give advice...but...i bow before thee